• Start by lying on your back to locate the hip flexor.
  • Feel your hip bones on either side of your belly, and slide your hand along the inside of the bone on the side you want to release.
  • Exhale to relax your abdominal muscles and lift your foot off the floor. Feel for the muscle contraction as you do this to confirm you have located the hip flexor.
  • Keeping your hand on that location, place your 4 inch ball in the same location, rolling over on top of it.
  • Now the ball is between your hip flexor and the floor, which will impart a light pressure on the muscle. It should feel like pressure, but not painful.
  • As you relax and breath into it, the pressure should release in 1-2 minutes.
  • At that point you can shift the ball to a new location if you still feel that there are areas to release.


Myofascial Release, Hip Flexors